Chelsea Avondale Ltd. is a Bermuda domiciled holding company founded in 2016 by a high-net-worth investor base to acquire property and casualty insurance companies and introduce sophisticated pricing methodologies and advanced systems.

Our operating businesses include two insurance carriers and an insurance brokerage:

  • Max Insurance, based in Canada
  • Chelsea Avondale Insurance Ltd., based in Barbados
  • Mutual Aid Insurance Brokers Company, a licensed insurance broker in the Province of Ontario, Canada

Serving Communities Is Our Primary Interest

Insurance is a relationship business where heritage, traditions and service to your policyholders and brokers matter the most. But above all, the greatest duty of an insurer must be their dedication and loyalty to the communities that they serve.

We firmly believe that community-based insurers better serve their policyholders and outperform the industry as a whole.

Their local focus is reflected in the products offered, in the superior quality of service provided and in the companies' deep local relationship with their policyholders. Their loyalty binds them together in the greatest possible way with their community; they hire staff from their local communities and give back through charities and local community programs.

The mission, values, and symbiotic relationship these insurers have with their policyholders is a testament to why mutual insurance companies represent a very large portion of the industry – their very foundation is to serve their local communities with a tendency to be “people centred, not call centred”.

We aim to help solve the significant limitations of many mutual insurers – their inability to raise capital easily and inability to absorb the incapacitating large expenditures for leading-edge systems and technology.

Our Approach & Contributions

A Partnership

We approach our acquisitions of community-based insurers as partnerships with management, policyholders and all other stakeholders. We seek to start a relationship together based on fairness.

It is of utmost importance to us to preserve and enhance their identity and uniqueness; their staff and teams; their culture and values; and above all, their connection and service to their communities.

These companies really belong to their communities - we are simply a caretaker.

Stand-Alone Basis

Our companies operate on a stand-alone basis, with autonomous management teams.

Chelsea Avondale’s management team members are underwriters at heart and have profitably underwritten and developed books of businesses across dozens of lines of business in the global property & casualty market – we understand the importance of a decentralized management approach.

Primary Goal

Our primary goal is to bring resources to the table and allow management to focus on serving their communities – allowing the business to operate from a standpoint of an abundance of resources rather than scarcity.

If not an established tradition already, we hope to create a new tradition – a tradition of cutting-edge innovation and a better overall model to the insurance enterprise that produces exceptional overall returns.


Our overarching objectives are:

  • To introduce sophisticated pricing methodologies to more accurately price risk and improve active management of accumulation risk, from which disciplined underwriting can more easily be maintained.
  • The introduction and continuous reinvestment in superior technology, data systems, and risk analytics capabilities.
  • To bring the ability to digest and spread risk concentrations through our global underwriting and reinsurance structuring capabilities.

The Result

We believe these objectives and approach will provide management with the resources to make good decisions – enhanced pricing sophistication, advanced systems and centralization of certain risk management functions → leaving management free to pursue growth opportunities in the community.

Acquisition Opportunities & Partnerships

We like well-run general insurance companies with a plan for measured growth and a need for capital. As a result of the relationships we have developed in our acquisition activities, we have been approached and are seeking to partner (either through acquisitions or underwriting arrangements), with community-based insurers – whether a mutual / farm mutual, insurer focused on a particular affinity group or with a particular local regional focus.

Niche underwriters that specialize in specific specialty lines of business and underwriting niches are also of interest to us, as they will allow us to create further balance and spread in our overall book business.

Please contact us to discuss a potential partnership.


Playing by a new set of rules.

Playing by a new set of rules.

To stay competitive in this new market requires playing by a new set of rules. Insurers are responding to new customer demands to improve customer engagement within the context of existing business models.

This new generation of insurance is creating value not just by covering loss, but by leveraging technology ecosystems and the data within them to predict, prevent, mitigate and help policyholders recover from loss.

Redesigning the customer experience.

Redesigning the customer experience.

Evolving digital ecosystems are having substantial impact on customer acquisition and customer engagement. Injecting innovation and energy into engaging insurance customers will have a significant impact on the willingness of insureds and brokers to do business with you.

Having the thought and technical leadership in shaping the new digital ecosystems driving the future of this new generation of insurers is our central mission. Our management have lived through the shift Canadian banks made decades ago to completely reorient themselves around the customer experience – the insurance industry is now adopting the same measures and we are eager to take a leadership role in their implementation.

Core to everything we do.

Core to everything we do.

We create efficient and sophisticated systems—thoughtfully constructed, performance-focused and responsive to changing conditions. We’re not satisfied with the most-advanced policy admin systems found in the industry today – we think we can do better than web front-ends bolted on to SQL/Oracle database systems that rely on extract-transform-load routines to permit advanced data analytics. We are Python developers who firmly believe in both distributed computing and distributed data warehouse platforms, with NoSQL data structures.

Our team and infrastructure are positioned to drive business forward without the inefficiencies that hold back other organizations. Not many places do things like we do, and we like it that way.

Creative & Pragmatic Approach.

Creative & Pragmatic Approach.

Our approach to technology is creative, yet pragmatic, drawing from the best ideas inside and outside our doors. Our team is empowered to solve challenging business problems, working closely with underwriters and sales to choose the right tools and solutions for the job. The result? Flexible, performance-driven systems deployed across all our platforms.

We Prefer to Write Our Own Code.

We Prefer to Write Our Own Code.

We can be innovative and nimble, while using our industry experience to prudently manage risk and creating a superior customer experience.

We develop bespoke cutting-edge data systems and risk analytics solutions in the pursuit of building a modern and operationally excellent platform in the most cost-effective way. We write much of our own computer code to have thought ownership of the detailed software engineering, specialized risk analytics and detailed data science that goes behind our systems.

Scientific Pricing

Exposure-based Individual Pricing

Catastrophe Modelling

Unseen Interactions

Individually pricing each home at the Point-of-Sale, rather than using traditional rate tables with territories / classes of risks / discounts & surcharges.

In doing so at the point-of-sale, in a couple of seconds we run 10,000 years of results through numerous Catastrophe models (windstorm & hail, flood, wildfire etc.), and, machine learning models for non-catastrophe perils (fire, water damage, sewer backup, etc.)

Insurers have long held the view that catastrophe risk is about risk-transfer to the Reinsurance market, and that the ultimate responsibility for establishing a proper price for such risks lies in the hands of the reinsurers.

We strongly disagree with this view and believe that in order to establish a sensible balance in their books of business, insurers must have an immediate and precise understanding of the accumulation of their risks to individual events and they must price for the propensity and vulnerability each risk in their book represents on a stand-alone basis as well as to their overall portfolio.

As such we model all catastrophe risks at the point-of-sale of each policy and calculate the resulting accumulation risk to our overall portfolios to accurately reflect the comprehensive risk profile in pricing.

Our machine learning algorithms consider the very fine details of each home and insured to reflect the various aspects that these characteristics may have on the various hazards/perils that cause claims.

This results in much richer and more precise recognition of the components of risk compared to the classic framework of territories / classes of risks / discounts & surcharges.

Your Future is Safe with Us.
Insurance of your Home, Farm, Business, Automobile

MAX Insurance, is a property & casualty insurer writing home, farm, and small commercial lines of business (automobile coming soon!).

Based out of Kitchener, Ontario, we write business throughout key Canadian provinces.

Mutual Aid Insurance Brokers Company, an affiliated company to MAX Insurance, is a licensed insurance broker in Ontario.

With Roots dating back to 1866, we are an Insurance Company driven to lower rates using Science and Technology

To get you fair pricing, we focus on the small details, home by home to thoroughly evaluate each risk using exposure, experience and behavioural models enhanced by deep learning AI.

The industry is going “Digital”, that's great but we'd like to take it much further!

Our Scientific pricing will ensure you do not pay a portion of your neighbour’s insurance.

Within seconds and from only a handful of underwriting questions, our scientific pricing algorithms perform billions of calculations to individually price each risk.

Find out how in our video:


Dr. Greg Bailey

Executive Chairman

Nilesh Vasani

Chief Executive Officer

Gajan Sundaralingam


David Chilton

Chief Financial Officer

David Lalonde

Managing Director - Risk Management

Key Non-Exec Directors

Jim Mellon

Dr. Jeff Boland

Gabriel Kelly

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